Ngopikere is

Before discussed regarding what ngopikere is, better answer my question, Have you ever read a novel written by Pak Singgih Hadi Mintardja a.k.a SH Mintardja..? The title is Api di Bukit Menoreh..?

Well, it has not be answer. I ask you, because there is a relation between ngopikere and NovelApi di Bukit Menoreh” created by SH Mintardja.

Then, what is the correlation…? Its the location, Menoreh..!

NgopiKere is a term of some friends to expressing “wedangan” a.k.a consumming local drinks, such as coffee, tea, ginger, wedang uwuh, or other local beverages.

Called ngopi kere, because although in a drink coffee should “lesehan” (sit on the floor) like ‘the poor’, but we still enjoy the luxury, without having to rely on popularity a “coffee label”.

Certainly, it shows that in “ngopi coffee” does not need exclusivity themselves. You can sit on the floor, or can sit on a chair. Sure, “ngopikere” is only available similarity degrees, within the simplicity of equality in the difference

Based on the above, “ngopikere” is used as the title of “gathering onliners” which motivated to share our togetherness and synergy without lofty concepts.

NgopiKere was conceived as a “gathering event onliners”, based on “voluntary” and “cultured”. Anyone allowed to be present in all their activities and synergies.

NgopiKere will be held on 10 to May 12, 2013, located on athe peak of “bukit Menoreh”, precisely in the area of “Kebon Tower Gunung Kelir“, the border between the Kulon Progo (Yogyakarta) with Purworejo (Central Java). [uth]

NgopiKere Menoreh

NgopiKere Menoreh

*) Ngopikere is…

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Memetik dan menanam

Pohon Pinus Pegununngan Menoreh

Tak ada yang sia-sia dalam menanam, dimana apabila dari salah satu tumbuhan yang kita tanam itu harapan berbuahnya kecil, toh masih ada pohon lain karena yang kita tanam bukan satu saja.

Yang paling penting dalam kegiatan menanam adalah penyertaan diri pada niat “Kersaningalah” bukan menanam karena terpaksa apalagi merasa ‘kepotangan’

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